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A couple embrace in bed. Screenshot from 'Don't Wake Me Up'

Role: Writer, Director, Producer
A final conversation between a recently separated couple on their last night together before parting ways.

A Palestinian flag flies in the air at a protest. Screenshot from 'I See You Palestine'.

I See You Palestine

Role: Director, Editor, DoP
A short documentary-style piece inspired and narrated by a young boy's poem at a pro-Palestine demo.

A man stands on the side of a street. Screenshot from 'Memory'.


Role: Writer, Director, Editor, DoP, Sound

A short film about the impact of dissociative amnesia.

Short Films

Short films created in and outside of University.

A man stands in an alleyway surrounded by greenery. Screenshot from 'AL'.

Role: Producer

Al reconnects with an old acquaintance after receiving bad news.

Close up of a man with a horrified expression. Screenshot from 'The Noble Lie'.

The Noble Lie

Role: Writer, Script Supervisor

The story of Carter, who must decide between perjury and integrity.

Two girls smile at one another in an elevator. Screenshot from 'Rare and Sweet'.
A father and daughter embrace. Screenshot from 'Flower'.


Role: Director, Writer, Editor, DoP, Sound Tech and Design

A short self-reflective documentary talking with my father about our difficult relationship.

Photos decorate a basement wall. Screenshot from 'Sunsick'.


Role: Writer, Script Supervisor

Two teenagers hide in their basement after a nuclear apocalypse.

A hand reaches for a joint. Screenshot from 'The Children are Choosing Marijuana'.

The Children Are Choosing Marijuana

Role: Director, Editor, Sound

An experimental short comprised of archival footage.

A man and a woman stand under a streetlight. Screenshot from 'We Meet Again'.

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, DoP, Sound

A story of love across time and dimensions.

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, DoP, Sound

A music-led piece following two young women who spend an evening together, discovering that their bond may be more than just friendship.

Writing in a book. Screenshot from 'Ces Nuits Deviennent Froides'.

Ces Nuits

Role: Writer, Director, Editor, DoP, Sound

A short film comprised of still images, influenced by La Jetée.

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